How to Stream Snipe in Fortnite

How to Stream Snipe in Fortnite

What is stream sniping?

Remember when you played a split screen game with your brother and he kept looking at your screen so he could cheat and figure out where you were to kill you? That's basically what stream sniping is except now instead of sitting next to you on the couch, he can do it by watching you stream on Twitch.

In a nutshell, stream sniping is a way to gain an unfair advantage in Fortnite by watching someone stream their game play on Twitch/YouTube and figuring out where they're going to so you can get an advantage and kill them.

How do you stream snipe?

Stream sniping is pretty simple to do but it can take some patience since you aren't guaranteed to end up in the same lobby as the streamer.

Stream sniping starts by joining a game at the same time as the streamer you're sniping. 

You just look for when they're joining a game and you queue up at the same time. After the game starts, look at their stream to see where the bus is taking them. 

You want to make sure that the bus on their stream is going on the same path as yours so you can make sure you're in the same game.

How to Stream Snipe in Fortnite

Once you're in game, you'll want to look at where the streamer is at and try to predict where they'll be in the next 15-20 seconds.

Most streamers have a slight delay in their stream from what's happening to what is shown on the screen so you have to take a guess about where they'll be headed to

Most streamers like to rotate between locations depending on where they dropped so look for locations on the map that are nearby and in the direction the streamer likes to rotate.

If you can get ahead of where the streamer is going you'll be able to get a jump on them and get an advantage in a fight. Once you've figured out where the streamer is headed and you're going in the same direction you'll want to make a note of their skin.

If the streamer is headed somewhere popular like Tilted Towers then you'll have to remember what their character looks like in game because they could be just 1 of 10 or 20 people in the game.

The next step is to find the streamer and fight. But good luck! 

Most streamers don't stream because they suck. Streamers are usually better than average so you'll have to be on your A game to be able to kill them.

To give yourself a leg up you can make a note of what materials and weapons the streamer has. Do they have grenades? Traps? Are they low on materials?

If you know what kind of situation they're in with their weapons and materials you can figure out what angle to exploit. For example, if a streamer only has 50 wood and no other materials, you should try to get into a build fight with them.

But if you notice they have a lot of materials and rockets/grenades, building way up wouldn't be a good idea because they have a really good weapon to counter that.

Why would someone want to stream snipe? 

There's 2 main reasons people like to stream snipe

You can try to stream snipe so you can be on the same squad as the streamer. This depends on the streamer playing squads with an open slot and having the squad set to fill the team.

This isn't very common though so you usually won't find friendly stream snipers. The second reason to stream snipe is to kill the streamer in game.

Fortnite gamer playing at Melbourne, Australia competition

This is the most common reason for stream sniping and it's generally frowned upon. It's as close as you can get to cheating without actually downloading and using any hacks or mods for the game (which would probably get you banned). 

Getting a stream snipe kill is mostly done to give the streamer a hard time and grief them. It can also be a way to make your name more well known if you kill a famous streamer in game.

Should you stream snipe? 

Stream sniping in fortnite doesn't happen very often but it's definitely a problem for streamers.

They're trying to play the game and enjoy it and people are constantly trying to join their games and grief them. It can get old quick.

Epic has banned people in the past for stream sniping but it's very hard to catch and even harder to prove. So the risks of stream sniping are pretty low and you won't have to worry about getting banned unless you're doing it repeatedly or in a very obvious manner.

Stream sniping summary

Almost everyone in the online gaming world discourages stream sniping. It gives people an unfair advantage and gives the streamer who's being sniped a hard time

Unless you're willing to risk your account being banned you should probably stay away from stream sniping altogether.

Even though the odds of being caught are pretty low, it does happen and if your account has a lot of items you've unlocked/purchased it could be a big deal to lose them.

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