How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93

Fortnite is a great game, but it is fairly prone to errors. While some make a lot of sense, others are a little more mysterious.

One such error is Error 93, which seemingly strikes at random and can make it overly difficult to play the game with your friends.

What is Error Code 93?

Error Code 93 is a fairly common error in Fortnite. You’ll generally see this code pop up when you try to join a friend’s party.

how to fix fortnite error code 93

It’s enough to stop you from playing the game and to cause you to lose some time, but it’s far from the worst bug out there. It is, however, one that you’re going to want to put some effort into fixing as soon as you can.

And, if you’ve found yourself frustrated by having your gaming experience interrupted for what seems like no reason, you are definitely not alone.

Fixing Error Code 93

The biggest problem with fixing Error Code 93 is that it’s really hard to track down exactly why it occurs. It could be an issue on your side, it could be an issue with your friend, or it could even be a server problem.

There are, however, a few fixes that you can try out in order to fix the problem.

Change Your Skin

There’s no particularly good reason why this one should work, yet it’s been proven to be one of the better methods for getting past the Error Code 93 message. If you want to play in a party with your friend, you’re going to need to change to a new skin.

Fortnite gameplay battle royale game smartphone

You’ll need to log out of Fortnite first, then log back into the game. Once you’ve done that, you can go to your Locker and pick literally any other skin in your inventory.

From there, go back to the Solo Queue and join your friend’s party – in most cases, this should be enough to get you back in the game.

Use Your Epic Friends List

For some, it’s just trying to use the in-game party feature that tends to be the problem. Instead of relying on your connections in the game, you can rely on the connection through Epic.

This one only works if you were not already friends, though, so skip this step if you already have this person on your Epic friends list.

Use Your Epic Friends List

Doing this is simple. Log into your Epic account on the PC, then add the person you want to play with as a friend.

Once your friend accepts, you should be able to join the party in the game with no error message.

Try a Public Lobby

If the first two steps failed, you might want to try skipping the party invite step altogether. You can actually change your lobby to allow people to join your party without inviting them by setting it to public – this can be a big step, especially for those who don’t like to play with strangers, but it is a good way to get around the error.

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 93

To do this, you’ll need to log in and go to Settings. From here, you can go to the Lobby menu and set it to Public.

Once you’ve done that, anyone should be able to join your party without much fuss.

Look at Server Issues

If all of these steps fail, there’s a good chance you are looking at a server-side issue. Check out the server status and then check various online forums to see if other people are encountering the same error.

If this is the case, the only thing you’ll be able to do is sit back and wait for Epic to fix things.

Server Issues

As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to fix the Error 93 message and the Error code 20006. Go through these steps one at a time and make sure to keep track of what you can do.

For most, the error is temporary and you’ll be able to get back to playing sooner than you might expect.


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