How to Fix Fortnite Error Buying V-Bucks

How to fix fortnite error buying v bucks

Few things are more annoying than seeing that there’s been an error when you’re trying to buy V-bucks. While it’s a pretty smooth and simple process most of the time, those situations in which it goes wrong do tend to stand out.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to fix Fortnite Error Buying V-Bucks. You’ll need to follow a few basic steps, but you will be able to get back to purchasing your V-bucks in no time at all.

The First Step Fixing Error Buying V-Bucks – Restart the Launcher

Your first step when you see Error Buying V-Bucks on your screen should always be to restart the launcher. It’s a low-risk, low-effort solution that will get rid of many of your potential problems.

 How to fix fortnite error buying v bucks

If relaunching doesn’t solve things, you’ll need to move to the next step.

Change Your Matchmaking Region

It’s possible that your Error Buying V-Bucks could come from issues with ping. If this is the case, you should be able to fix the problem by changing your matchmaking region.

You can go into your settings, open the game tab, and then switch your region to see if you are able to make your purchase.

Update Your Launcher

You also need to make sure that your launcher is up to date. If you’ve put off updates for some reason, you might have issue accessing some store services. In many cases, simply updating your launcher will allow you to make purchases once again.

Disable Adblock or Antivirus

Your final PC step will be to check your antivirus or ad-block services. If you haven’t given your firewall the right permissions or you haven’t whitelisted certain services, you might not be able to buy V-bucks.

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Quickly disabling the services to make a purchase will let you know if this is your problem.

Check Mobile

Your next step in will be to figure out if your PC is the problem. Try to make your purchase from your mobile device.

If it goes through, you can be relatively certain that you aren’t looking at an account problem.

Last Step in Fixing Error Buying V-Bucks – Check Your Account

If you can’t make a purchase from your mobile device, the problem is likely with your account. Check to make sure that there aren’t issues with your credit or debit card by contacting your bank.

It’s possible that multiple similar purchases could get your account flagged at your banking institution until you make a call.

Teenager playing Fortnite video game on PC

If you go through all of these steps and you still can’t make a purchase, you might be looking at a problem with your Epic account. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact Epic support directly.

In the vast majority of cases, though, trying the steps above will solve your problem and allow you to purchase V-bucks.             



7 thoughts on “How to Fix Fortnite Error Buying V-Bucks

  1. If this happens you need to wait 24 hours before attempting to purchase the vbucks again because if you continue to try it will just reset the hours I learned this the hard way a while back hope this helps.

  2. I bought 2800 vbucks in chapter 2 season three but I didn’t get the vbucks and I was charged for it

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