How to Fix Fortnite Bad Module Error

How to Fix Fortnite Bad Module Error

Fortnite's not immune to the typical problems of online games. There are certain issues that might cause the game to run poorly or crash, most of which are dependent on the individual player's PC. 

If you're seeing the Bad Module error, for example, you're looking at a problem that's on your end rather than one that's server-side. The good news is that it is very possible to solve this issue without much major work. 

The bad news, though, is that there are several possible causes and that you may have to try several different solutions to fix the issue.

Fixing the Error

In many cases, what the user is looking at is really a problem with full-screen optimization. This is a totally optional setting for your game, though, and disabling it can fix many problems.

If you're encountering the bad module error, your fix may be as simple as changing a few settings. Go to the Fortnite shortcut on your computer, and go to the Properties menu.

How to Fix Fortnite Bad Module Error

From there, you'll go to Compatibility and then you'll choose to disable full-screen optimization. This simple fix generally helps most players to get rid of the error and allows them to play Fortnite with relatively few problems.

Unfortunately, that's not the only cause of the module error. You may disable your full-screen optimization and still see the error, so you'll want to look at your drivers as the next possible culprit.

Check to make sure that your video card drivers are up-to-date, and if they're not make sure to update them. 

Running Fortnite with out-of-date drivers can be a common cause of the error, so keeping your system updated may be the best way to ensure it won't happen again.

If both of these options fail, you might want to go to the cure-all of computer gaming - restarting your computer. This solution is best used in those situations in which you don't know the cause of the problem but you still need a quick fix. 

Restarting your computer might get rid of the error, but there's no guarantee that it won't come back.

Another Option

A similar solution is to uninstall and reinstall Fortnite. This works best if there's some problem with your installed files, but again it's a solution that won't get to the root of your problems. 

Only uninstall and reinstall the game if you can't find any other way to fix the bad module error.

Fortnite usually runs fairly smoothly, so getting rid of errors needs to be a priority. Try to update your drivers, check out your compatibility settings, and don't forget to try a clean install if all else fails. 

With a lot of work and a little luck, you should be able to get your game up and running again and get rid of the bad module error for good.

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