Step-by-Step Guide: Fixing Fortnite Error Code 10022 & Preventive Strategies

If you’re a Fortnite player, you’ve probably faced the dreaded error code 10022. It’s a common issue that can disrupt your gameplay and leave you frustrated. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to fix this error. We’ll explore what causes it and how to prevent it from happening in the future. So, gear up, Fortnite fans! Let’s dive right in and ge

If you’re a Fortnite player, you’ve probably faced the dreaded error code 10022. It’s a common issue that can disrupt your gameplay and leave you frustrated. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to fix this error. We’ll explore what causes it and how to prevent it from happening in the future. So, gear up, Fortnite fans! Let’s dive right in and get you back in the game.

What is Error Code 10022 in Fortnite?

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to understand what we’re dealing with. Error code 10022 in Fortnite generally appears when a player attempts to log in to the game. This error code typically gets displayed on the screen accompanied by a message indicating a problem with connecting to the player’s account. Specifically, it’s a server-side issue – it signifies that Fortnite’s server has encountered difficulties while attempting to authenticate the player’s login request.

You might wonder what causes this. There are many situations that can lead to this error. For one, problems with Epic Games’ servers could be a culprit. Server issues can be a cause originating on their end and not something you, as a player, can address. On the other hand, it could be due to a poor internet connection on your part, or perhaps an outdated version of the game that’s causing the server to fail to respond correctly.

You don’t need to let this error code bother you excessively. It’s no indication of a permanent fault with your account or the game itself. It’s just a temporary glitch that can be resolved. In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into these varying factors, exploring how to identify them, and I’ll guide you, step by step, to help you fix error code 10022 in Fortnite. So let’s keep moving forward to quickly get you back to your exciting Fortnite battles.

Common Causes of Error Code 10022

Among the myriad of challenges faced by Fortnite players, the notorious Error Code 10022 stands out prominently. Juggling this particular error has become a part of many players’ gaming experience, frustratingly deterring them from diving into their battles. So, what’s the source of this annoying glitch?

One primary cause of this issue seems to be problems with Epic Games’ servers. There are times when these servers experience difficulties that cause players discomfort. In such cases, the fault isn’t on your end, but rests with Epic Games. No amount of tweaks in your settings would rectify the situation until the game’s server is back in good health. Perhaps a look at the Epic Games’ status page could provide more specific insights at such times.

The second factor that could generate this error code is a poor internet connection. Fortnite, being an online multiplayer game, demands a strong and stable internet connection to function smoothly. A weak or unstable connection can set off this error code.

Moreover, an outdated version of Fortnite might also trigger this error. Every time Fortnite releases a new patch or update, it’s essential to upgrade your game promptly. A player using an outdated version of the game attempting to log in might be welcomed by our notorious error friend, 10022.

Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect is that error code 10022 can pop out suddenly even for seasoned players who’ve never seen it before. Notably, these are the common causes but not necessarily the only causes of failure. As the Fortnite universe continues to evolve, new bugs may arise, presenting challenging scenarios to even the most seasoned players. Now let’s deep dive into proven solutions to tackle this pesky error in the following sections.

Fixing Error Code 10022: Method 1

Seasoned or fresh, Fortnite players alike know that error codes are part of the gaming landscape. They’re like uninvited guests that come knocking at the most inconvenient times. Don’t fret! We’ll tackle this common nuisance, error code 10022, and pave your way back to the battleground.

The first method focuses on Internet Connection. Many players underestimate its impact, but a poor or unstable connection can often be the culprit behind these pesky error messages.

To ensure smooth gameplay and a stable connection, you can:

  • Test your internet speed: Use a trusted online tool to check if you’re getting the expected bandwidth. Some popular services include Speedtest by Ookla and Fast by Netflix.
  • Reset your router: Often, simply turning off and turning on the router can do wonders. It’s a trick as old as technology itself but still very effective.
  • Connect directly through Ethernet: If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, consider using an Ethernet cable instead. Wired connections are typically more stable than wireless.

Finally, avoid sharing your internet connection with others when playing Fortnite. Everyone loves a movie night with Netflix, but it’s negotiable when you’re midway through a Fortnite match and error code 10022 pops up!

Taking care of your internet connection is fundamental to our next methods. Be patient and thorough in this phase – a reliable connection is the foundation of a great gaming session.

Fixing Error Code 10022: Method 2 – Update Fortnite

Another essential method to tackle the well-known error code 10022 in Fortnite is to ensure that the game is up-to-date. Games like Fortnite consistently receive patches and updates. These include bug fixes, game enhancements, new feature additions, and more. Sometimes, an outdated version can lead to errors such as the one we’re discussing. It’s essential to regularly keep your game updated to enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.

To update Fortnite, follow these steps:

  • Open the Epic Games launcher.
  • Navigate to your Library.
  • If an update is available for Fortnite, the ‘Update’ button next to the game will be highlighted.
  • Click on ‘Update’ to kick off the process.

Wait patiently as the updates download and install. This can take a while depending on the size of the update and the speed of your internet connection. Once the update installation finishes, relaunch the game and check if the error persists.

If the problem continues to bother you, don’t fret! The next method we’ll explore delves into graphics driver updates. Remembering a cardinal rule of gaming, having an updated graphics driver is pivotal to a smooth and error-free gaming experience.

I’d recommend using software like Driver Easy to automatically update your graphics drivers. That’ll simplify your task significantly and assure you’re working with the most recent driver.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software, follow these steps:

  • Run Driver Easy and click ‘Scan Now’. The software will scan your system and detect any problem drivers.
  • Click ‘Update All’ to automatically download and install the correct version of all drivers that are missing or outdated on the system.

Preventing Error Code 10022 in the Future

Now that we’ve walked you through the steps to alleviate the current error, let’s dive into some preventive measures to avoid experiencing error code 10022 in the future.

One of the most proactive ways to prevent this error is by ensuring that Fortnite and your graphic drivers stay up-to-date. To keep Fortnite updated, you’ll need to check for updates in the Epic Games launcher regularly. If an update’s available, it’ll be noticeable. You’ll just need to click ‘Update’ and the application does the rest.

For graphic drivers, it can be a little more complicated than Fortnite. The complexity depends on whether you’re updating them manually or using software like Driver Easy. Given the routine nature of this task, I recommend opting for automatic updates using relevant software. It’s more efficient and less error-prone than a manual update.

Next, consider adjusting your Firewall settings. Sometimes, the Firewall may prevent Fortnite from accessing essential services, leading to error code 10022. You might want to review your Firewall’s settings and make exceptions for Fortnite.

Regularly clearing your system’s cache is another essential preventive measure. Over time, temporary files accumulate and can cause issues with game performance, possibly triggering error code 10022.

Lastly, maintaining a stable and strong internet connection is vital. Interruptions in your internet connection can cause sync issues between Fortnite’s server and your gaming console or PC, resulting in error code 10022.

Here’s a quick rundown,

  • Keep Fortnite and graphic drivers updated: Regularly check for updates.
  • Review and adjust your Firewall settings: Make exceptions for Fortnite, if necessary.
  • Clear your system’s cache regularly: Prevent accumulation of temporary files affecting game performance.
  • Ensure a stable and strong internet connection: Avoid interruptions during gameplay.

Remember, regular maintenance of your gaming setup can go a long way in preventing errors. Stake your claim in Fortnite, without the dread of error code 10022 hindering your gameplay.


Fixing error code 10022 in Fortnite doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the steps outlined, you’ll be back in the game in no time. Remember, prevention is key. Keep your Fortnite and graphics drivers updated. Make it a habit to check for updates in the Epic Games launcher and use tools like Driver Easy for automatic updates. Don’t forget to tweak your Firewall settings and clear your system’s cache regularly. Lastly, ensure your internet connection is stable. By sticking to these preventive measures, you’ll not only fix error code 10022 but also create a smoother, more enjoyable Fortnite experience. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is error code 10022 in Fortnite?

Error code 10022 in Fortnite occurs due to poor system maintenance, outdated Fortnite updates or graphics drivers, incorrect Firewall settings, or unstable internet connection.

Q2: How can I prevent error code 10022 in Fortnite?

Preventing error 10022 in Fortnite essentially involves regular system maintenance. This includes keeping Fortnite and graphics drivers updated, adjusting Firewall settings appropriately, clearing system cache regularly, and ensuring stable internet connectivity.

Q3: How do I keep Fortnite up-to-date to avoid errors?

You can check for Fortnite updates in the Epic Games launcher and install any available updates. Updated versions often fix bugs and improve performance.

Q4: How do I keep graphics drivers updated to prevent error 10022?

To automate the process of updating graphics drivers, you can use software like Driver Easy. It scans for outdated drivers and updates them automatically.

Q5: What other measures can I take to prevent error 10022?

Additional measures include regularly clearing the system’s cache and maintaining a stable internet connection. These steps aid in the overall performance of Fortnite, minimizing potential errors.

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