How Big Is Fortnite to Download?

How Big Is Fortnite to Download?

Since Epic Games created the ever-expanding Fortnite, enhancing it further with Save the World mode and the epic Battle Royale PVP mode, the game's worldwide popularity continues to grow. 

There are various ways to play (e.g. solo or squad rounds in Battle Royale), customized avatars, numerous weapons, and constant updates. It's no wonder more and more people of various ages are joining in on the fun.

But just how large of a file is this game and can your system of choice support it? 

Before you download the game, check out the following information about the approximate download sizes for all systems to learn whether or not you have the space for it.

How Big Is Fortnite to Download?

Download Size: Consoles and Computers

Here are the average file download sizes for PS4 and Xbox One:

  • PS4: 6.69 GB. They recommend a minimum of 10 GB save space.
  • Xbox One: 12.98 GB
  • PC/Mac: 9.5 GB to download and around 20 GB to install.

Something to keep in mind is that those are simply average sizes as of right now. The file size may increase in the future depending on updates, which tend to occur weekly or monthly.

Another thing that can affect the file size is whether you are downloading the general version of the game or special editions. PC and Mac players especially can notice this difference in file size.

In Conclusion

Fortnite's continually growing popularity among players of all ages around the world cannot be denied. As such, it's clear that the developers want to ensure that their games work properly and everyone has the updates they need. 

Because of that, the average download file size for the game can vary across all systems.

So, before you decide to download the game, always check the system requirements against what you have available on your system of choice. This way, you'll know whether or not you need to get some additional space before downloading Fortnite.

30 thoughts on “How Big Is Fortnite to Download?

    1. Fortnite for PS4 right now is 9.9*GB for “Data to start” and 23.xGB for the other things . So over 30GB.

      1. No. Some people dont use HDDs to download games. An SSD is better and there are things such as 128 gb SSDs. He probably use an Evo SSD so thats why he doesnt have 1 tb of storage. Downloading a game on a HDD isnt good beucase an HDD is a spinning disk so it takes more time to process than a digital SSD.

        1. Installation* of a game onto a mechanical drive is okay unless the game itself is constantly loading from disk at data rates beyond the read speed of the disk. Games that load the needed data into memory from disk at a loading screen will only see a reduction in the amount of time that loading screen is up when using a SSD vs standard HD and game play will be exactly the same as the disk is no longer relevant after load.

    1. Because on phones they leave out lots of the sounds and extra things: for example there are about four different sounds for ammo box searching on PC but only one on phone.

  1. last time i downloaded fortnite it say 35GB bet then it grows until 90gb, well i downloaded al 90 GB and then error.Wery nice!

  2. For now.. until today 21th April i have downloaded 154GB of data for the game Fortnite,that’s a lot, to think that at the beginning they said that 95gb of free space was needed on the computer, and my ssd is maximun 250gb.

  3. Yeppers I’m at about 90GB myself as of yesterday. I added it to a third PC in my home on a 128GB SSD. This was meant mainly for my kids homework so I’m fine with it now. When I examined the files, it appears as though the .Pak files each refer to a different season of the game (maybe even a subseason). I estimate that I have just enough space for one or two more updates.
    This situation is completely on Epic and the nature of the updates. No audio and video updates would take up this much space. It appears as though the updates only alter what the game reads from the files rather than replacing them.
    I’m not certain if this is necessary due to cross play or if it was a simple oversight when developing the game. It would be nice if we could delete the previous iterations of the game rather than wasting space.

  4. Mine was 26gb but now its like over 100gb i guess and my ssd is only 240gb but with windows intalled im only able to use 222gb and now i have 30gb left in my pc with no other game installed (updating game right now) and the update is 26gb wtf is this ?!

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