Fortnite Food Truck Locations for Remedy vs Toxin Challenge [with pictures for each location]

second food truck for remedy vs toxin challenge

Step by Step Guide

If you want to complete this challenge you'll need to visit 3 food trucks in 1 match.

This is hard to do in a normal game so I'd recommend playing Team Rumble.

The strategy I used was:

  1. Drop as quickly as possible at the first location. Don't pick up any guns or materials. 
  2. Build a ramp up and jump off to die. When you respawn, go for the second location.
  3. At the second location, get some guns and mats, then build another ramp and die quickly.
  4. Respawn and open your glider right away, then glide to the 3rd location.

Here's a map showing all 3 of the truck locations. Keep reading for a picture of each food truck.

remedy vs toxin food truck challenge location map showing all 3 food trucks

Location #1 - Food Truck by Pleasant Park

The first  truck is just north of Pleasant Park, down the hill from the houses. Here's what it looks like.

north of pleasant park

Location #2 - Food Truck by Salty Springs

The second truck is south of Salty Springs. Here's what it looks like.

south of salty springs

Location #3 - Food Truck by Lazy Lake

The third truck is the furthest away from any named location. It's about half way between Frenzy Farm and Lazy Lake. Here's what it looks like.

north of lazy lakes

Challenge Complete!

Once you visit the 3rd truck, you'll complete the challenge and get this notification. Congrats! And if you completed this challenge, maybe you are interested in The Ultimate Guide to Leveling Up FAST in Fortnite.

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