Aydan Fortnite Settings and Gear

Aydan Fortnite Settings and Gear

Fortnite Pro Aydan - In Game Settings and Gear Details

Aydan Fortnite Settings and Gear

Aydan is one of the most well known pros in the Fortnite world. Going back to his classic Tilted Towers standoffs with NickMercs, he's become a fan favorite.

He's also one of the few controller players out there so he doesn't have a keyboard/mouse listed under his gear.

Aydan Fortnite Gear Setup

This is a quick run down of his gaming setup. He uses a Playstation so his settings are tuned to run optimally on a console instead of a PC.

Aydan Fortnite Video Settings

Fortnite Gameplay Settings

Fortnite Keybinds

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